About us

Dance till you drop - with dance shoes from Dancing Queens

Dancing Queens KLG is a Swiss company. Dancing Queens wants you to be able to dance your nights carefree in the most beautiful and comfortable dance shoes. Our shoes are suitable for salsa, kizomba, bachata, tango, but also all other dances.

We are currently working with the suppliers Alvares Dance Shoes, Spicadance and Portdance. This is how we ensure that our shoes are of high quality and are made in Europe.

Who is behind Dancing Queens?

SophieSophie and Bettina met two years ago at a food start-up.

We quickly noticed that we really enjoy the dynamism of a start-up.

BettinaWe couldn't be more different and yet we understand each other blindly. What connects us: traveling.

What sets us apart: Sophie's love of basketball and Bettina's passion for salsa. Recently she did Salsadivas, founded her own dance school in Switzerland.

We in the media:
Regio article from 02/22/2018